Installing Celtx in Ubuntu

I haven’t used Celtx in a while, and when I went to use it again I was flummoxed as to how to install it in Ubuntu 12.04 (I’m using gnome-shell).

And then I found this on the Celtx forum, posted by DaSaint

It worked for him, and it worked a dream for me. Fortunately I had a copy of Celtx in my Downloads folder, as the Celtx site has recently changed and requires a sign-up.

Here’s DaSaint’s instructions.

Re: Package CELTX for Ubuntu?

Postby DaSaint ยป Wed May 02, 2012 3:37 pm
I am sucesfully running Celtx in Ubuntu 12.04 (and previously in 11.10.

Here is what I did.
I copied the celtx directory in my /usr/local folder.
You will need root access for this but if you go in your terminal and you type:
sudo nautilus
then you get nautilus filemanager with root access.

Copy the celtx folder and paste it in the /usr/local folder.

Then I used the program alacarte in Ubuntu. It’s a menu editor and allows you to create menus.
I made a new item with the following settings:
Type: Application
Name: Celtx
Commandline: /usr/local/celtx/celtx
Comment: Screenwriting

Then I clicked the “spring” icon and went looking for the Celtx icon that can be found in:

Then in the Dash i searched for Celtx and opened.
And in the sidebar I right clicked the celtx icon and clicked “Keep in starter”

Anyway, works for me.

Just one thing: alacarte is now called Main Menu, at least on my system.